Lamination tool

In the case of laminating tools, dispersion adhesive or hotmelt is reactivated by means of heat and the decorative material is permanently bonded to carrier parts.
When designing the tools, care is taken to ensure the highest quality (absence of wrinkles and damages) of the decor. Combinations with other processes such as punching, folding, etc. complete the possibilities of these tools.


Edgefolding tool

During the folding process, the decor is folded around the edge (by 180 ° C) and fixed. With the glue-free 3D-edgefolding, the decor is shifted over the edge without a slider, and welded to a special 3D pressure frame.
It is also possible to reactivate an existing adhesive and to perform the 3D- edgefolding with cooled 3D pressure frame.

column cladding, instrument panels, seat lining, door panels, arm rests and others.

Punching tool

Punching tools are used for internal and external contours, as well as for any necessary punching in laminated or non-laminated components.

3D punching outlines for complex components (pillar coverings, instrument panels, door panels, etc.) are processed with special punching techniques.
Punching tools cut outside and inside contours and holes on previously pressed, sprayed or foamed components. We specialize in punching high-quality three-dimensional products such as complete instrument panels, door panels and roof liner as well as acoustic and insulation parts.

Membrane laminating tool

Especially for our membrane laminating machine we offer tools for parts with complicated 3D contours. These tools can be designed with cooled recording grids, parts scanning, etc. The tools are easy and quick to change.