Membrane laminating plant

The membrane laminating plant with silicone membrane is a compact machine which works with a vacuum laminating process. Prefixed mold components are placed in a component-specific tool. Under a constant membrane vacuum, with adjustable dwell time and temperature, the adhesive is activated over its entire area and the decor is homogeneously smoothed, as well as the fold area solidified. As standard, the machine is equipped with a silicone membrane that is resistant up to 220 ° C. By using infrared halogen radiant heaters, integrated system cooling and cooled tools as well as joining temperatures of 55 ° C – 80 ° C (depending on material and adhesive) cycle times of 120 – 180 sec can be realized.

The development of the machine focused on high technical availability, durability, ease of maintenance and economical operation. In addition to these attributes, special attention has been placed to the ergonomic design of the system.


The advantages:

  • Sophisticated and field-tested tool- and plant engineering
  • Minimal space requirement due modular plant layout
  • Wide-ranging design freedom especially for 3D geometries
  • Various decor variety are possible (also mixed operation)
  • Various tool quick change systems allow an efficient usage.



  • Vacuum lamination of interior decors (leather, PVC foil, Alcantara, fabric, artificial leather,
    spacerfabrics etc.) on supporting parts (ABS-PC, PP, natural fibers, etc.):
    Door panels, pillar coverings, armrests, middle arm support, balustrades,
    Back fascia board, pull handles, instrument panels
  • hard lamination (1-layer)
  • Soft (or shear-soft) laminations (multi-layered)



2.920 mm x 2.450 mm x 2.400 mm

Table size (W x D):

1.500 mm x 1.000 mm
2.000 mm x 1.000 mm

Voltage/ Power/ Connected load:

3 x 400 Volt / 50 Hz / 70 kW / 100 A fuse
3 x 400 Volt / 50 Hz / 84 kW / 125 A fuse

compressed air connection:

6 – 8 bar

total weight:

1.750 kg