Pre-fixing machine

The prefixing station is used to manually hoisting sewing clothes or cuts on a base support. The joining surfaces are already provided with an adhesive and are activated and positioned by means of hot air dryer.

For prototypes, pilot production or series applications, the applications may vary in technical design, such as height adjustable, pivoted, rotatable, with seam sword and vacuum support.



  • Pre-fixing and manual laminating of sewing clothes or cuts of interior decors (leather, PVC foil, Alcantara, fabric, artificial leather, spacerfabrics etc.) on supporting parts (ABS-PC, PP, natural fibers etc.)
  • for door panels, armrest, middle arm support, balustrades, back fascia board, pull handles, instrument panels
  • as a specified process step in membrane lamination or in press lamination to comply the cycle time
  • hard lamination (1-layer)
  • Soft (or shear-soft) laminations (multi-layered)


Table size = ca. footprint:

1.500 mm x 700mm


2 x 240V

compressed air connection :

6 – 8 bar

total weight:

Ca. 150kg