Company development


COMAG Engineering becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kiener Group, headquartered in Lauchheim, Germany.

Takeover of the competitor Protex in Saalfelden as COMAG branch.

2004 – 2009
Numerous further developments for the car interior sector.
Development of vacuum THERMOFOLDING – SYSTEM for the edgefolding as well as development process for vacuum lamination, matrix-patrix-laminating, Ultrasonic welding and riveting, IR-welding, automatic glue application and drying, 3D-punching.

Development and completion with patent registration, of “Glue-free 3D-edgefolding” for car interior parts.

Development of the new vacuum-edgefolding-system.
At the same time development of the necessary machine peripherals for glue application and drying, punching, laminating, sewing, hot stamping, etc.

Shift focus towards other industries such as Leather goods (shoe parts, office and gift items), graphic arts (huge bookbinding factories, calendar producer, etc.), packaging industry and development of edgefolding technologies.

Foundation of COMAG, predominantly refinery and pipeline businesses (Transgas pipeline) through state-owned companies in Hungary and Czechoslovakia.